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Why Gamification doesn’t mean anything


First of, it’s not a word so when you’ve read this let’s all agree to stop using it. It’s one of those terms that become trendy and then bloggers like me start doing lists like ‘the 10 steps to successful gamification’, it means nothing but probably gets folks a few retweets by other people who don’t fully understand it.

Secondly, you can’t gamify anything. A ‘game’ can mean so many different things and spans so many meanings and genres its ridiculous to assume gamfication is a more specific word than ‘game’. Are you gamifying something into a puzzle, an MMO, a first person shooter or a version of hide and seek? There are too many options for assumptions that it can’t possibly be used to successfully describe anything.

Thirdly, all this talk of using gamification in the work place or to make more mundane process’ like sign-up forms more fun is redundant. The entire education system, work, CRM programs, vouchers, etc are all already based on a reward structure, which is what gaming is! You do good = cookie, you do bad = slap. There is nothing to gamify, these processes already exist we are not re-inventing them by calling them something else.

Please retweet and #gamification.

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